Ah nah, ah, i definitely did it now she did now. Belle Delphine did not just come into my kingdom and call me out in front of my people. No, she didn't i just she didn't. She really did not tell y'all. She was dangerous. Did i not say sss ring danger level? Oh, this dog, nope ain't gon na, do that we ain't gon na ain't, no [, __ ] embarrass me in front of my people. No, no! No! No! No i'll give you this, though i give you this. So you did give me you did give me my first sale. Okay, you did give me my first bill, a pastor, his first l since the history since i've been here. Okay, i i got to give you credit. You gave me an l, but you didn't call me out okay, so since you asked for it since you said to actually review it, because apparently i got, i got, ta give her credit okay, so the other people leaked the shorter video instead of the longer video. Okay, but now we got the longer video and i'm going to review it and i'm going to react to it. Okay, now, you know yeah call me out you ain't calling me or what i i just got. My man escape splashes now man. So if you don't know what happened, i did a video basically commenting, i would add quite harshly on bill delphine's sex tape, but apparently i only watched a snippet of it. Okay, that was the link that everybody was sharing, so that's, basically, that was also the one x videos that was the one i basically watched: that's not the full video. My back, i took another okay. I took that l, okay, i will take my l and grace like i said you ain't just gon na you, ain't just gon na come with my kingdom and do what you did she's sneaking around somewhere over here. Okay, somehow she just sneaking around somewhere. That'S! Okay! That'S okay, we're gon na review the full video you know. What'S funny for giving me my first l, i was going to go on your only fans and actually purchase the full video just to make sure i had the full video. So you don't be like no wes, i actually it was 30 minutes. Maybe if you pay for it just in case okay, but i went on there and 35 dollars a hundred dollars hundred dollars, who you think you is chelsea clinton. I ain't that giving. I said you called me out you on bring out the critical glasses research, glasses, okay and i'm gon na fairly review it, but i'm just like you know, though i'ma review it precise and fairly. Okay. Everybody know when i get these research glasses on it's on [, Music, ], the [ __ ]. Is that i don't even want to know that was actually well edited. No, no. There will not be a link, go look it up yourself. You bunch of degenerates, [, Music, ], merry christmas, oh my gosh. What the hell! What the hell is, this? Okay, i'm definitely getting age-restricted demonetized. She is taken off the shorts. She is struggling to take off the swords she applied moisture onto the butthole. She is now fingering the butthole. I just hope she cleaned out her ass. If booboo comes off that finger, i will turn this [ __ ] off. How long are you going to finger your butthole? This is a. This is only a 13 minute. Video got ta chop chop chop chop and now the bear is i'm using. Well, that's a that's a pretty big dildo. I'M i'm not going a lot he's, not shoving it like all the way in. But it's like it's pretty big. Okay! That'S that's! That'S like goddamn! 15 inches that's girth on now teddy bear is injecting [ Music ], his plastic philadelphia and now he's ripping this [ __ ]

Belle Delphine Official Sex video


harry they’re. Now applying the doggie always give her this she got. She got. She got some pop on that y’all know how i say. Without we was talking about uh, the tier lists, you know with the best assets you know, i need a girl, it don’t have to be the biggest don’t. Okay, you don’t have to be the biggest assets, but it needs it needs to have a pop to it. Okay, i want that. Okay, i want that. I want that jiggle in that wiggle. You know what i was saying like. Oh my bell. Doe thing you got a little jiggle in your wiggle, you know it’s not it’s not it’s not like huge or not like that, but it’s a little jiggle. You at least give me that he seems to be enjoying it always give her this it’s a lot now. You got full context, it’s at least a little better than the uh uh, the the first video i got. Apparently she put down a trailer. I got ta say bill duffy. That was a terrible trailer. You put out. You probably should have started off with the bear. Now applying missionary i’ll spit on it, yeah yeah she’s, like she said i’ll spit on it, yeah yeah. She is now writing the dawn. You know i got ta say bill delphine. You was over here hyping up the bell and everything you only was there for. Like 30 seconds like, i was expecting more with the technical, long dildo and whatnot, but it wasn’t that long until it got to the record, so i’m just saying, but while she’s riding him she’s also putting a dildo up her own house, okay, i got at least I’Ll give her this she’s all a little bit of some freaky dicky stuff. Okay, i i i’ll give her okay them head skills, though they could improve. I’M just saying we want a sloppy topping, not a tootsie roll. Okay, don’t wonder how many licks it takes to get to the tootsie pop? We want the sloppy topping, i’m just just just fair criticism. No, she definitely did different positions. Okay, i won’t say the video isn’t worth it. I was i’m still expecting for her fame. I was still expecting more henty level stuff. I don’t feel like it was up to that level. Okay, but i will at least say this, and at least before i’m better than what i saw from the initial clips. I will leave say this: your video is better than cardi’s album. Oh there’s more hold on. Oh this garden got this girl that got him the ps5 that man got him a ps5, wait what what? What is that? What does he have post nut? Clarity? Oh, was it a dream? Okay, i’ll give it a second just for that indeed, was it all the dream? Okay for the the intro and the altar were brilliant. I will get. I will give you that okay, that was funny that was like that was good. I’Ll. Give her extra credit for the intro and outro that was funny could have went harder. It could have went harder i’ll. Give you extra credit for creativity. Why you do teddy, like that share comment like uh. Do with this, that you will no leg for me. You either find it yourself. Are you going to be a sucker and pay 35 for only fans? It is what it is boy piece of two fingers

Date: December 26, 2020
Actors: Belle Delphine